Lola Alon


Lola studied earthen construction for her PhD at the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management (AECM) Program at Carnegie Mellon University. She has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Engineering and Master’s Degree in Construction Management, both cum laude, from the faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. Parallel to her engineering background, she has also studied curatorship and exhibition design, and has served as the curator and content developer of Israel’s National Science Museum.

Lola is passionate about creating academia and community collaborations, fostering creative inquiries, self-sufficiency, and social engagement in the production of living environment. Through sharing skills and knowledge that promote healthy and affordable built environment, she hopes to catalyze healing and living in harmony with the Earth. Her main aim is to diversify the building industry and leadership in sustainable practices, using natural materials and getting her hands (and feet) as muddy as possible!