Assess Needs; Identify Project; Prepare for Build

1. Introductory meeting with partner org

Before diving in, we have found it necessary to hold a preliminary meeting with our local partner to define expectations and create an initial agreement about what we hope to achieve through our collaboration.

Once a formal understanding has been established, we consult with our partner org regarding the needs, culture, history, and environment of the community.

2. consult with local builders and community

  • Assess needs
  • Identify traditional materials and building techniques 
  • Identify needed improvements to traditional techniques, if any. 

3. Identify appropriate project

We identify appropriate projects based on need, available materials, and budget.

The goal is to create a space that will improve quality of life, increase resilience to climate change and other environmental factors, and/or build community. Examples in the past have included improved cookstoves, home improvements, composting latrines, communal buildings, and playgrounds.

4. Create and sign memorandum of understanding with partner organization

5. Identify workshop participants

6. Create workshop format

7. Acquisition of Materials