"The Pueblo Project empowers women and youth to be the leaders of community resiliency by providing hands-on training in natural, place-based building techniques"

Community involvement and site-specific projects are the cornerstones of the Pueblo Project’s unique approach to development. We work hard to ensure that the workshops we design are appropriate for the community’s needs, and that our participants will feel a sense of ownership and pride from the spaces they create and the skills they learn.


local, earthen materials

By taking advantage of abundant, locally-gathered resources such as mud, straw, bamboo, and glass bottles, we create structures that are affordable, beautiful, and healthier for our communities and our planet.


construction skills

We blend the traditional building practices of the local community with modern techniques of natural building and adobe construction. 




We don't just build buildings; we build leaders. Students who have already learned natural building skills through a Home Improvement or Community Builds workshop are eligible for "Phase 2," which combines leadership development, teaching techniques, and more advanced construction skills. 

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women + youth

Construction is universally male-dominated, especially in the communities where we work. Our workshops are centered around empowering women and youth, showing them that they are capable of building, improving their own homes and making a difference in their communities.


Respect for individuals, families and communities is one of our most important guiding values. We work closely with local partners to identify the unique needs of the communities where we work, ensuring that the structures we create will be well-loved spaces that bring folks together. 


Partnerships with local organizations are fundamental to the success of our mission. We value the knowledge and insight of our local partners immensely. Learn more about our partners here

Our Impact

A true indicator of success for the Pueblo Project is not the quantity of structures that are built; it’s how they are used when we’re gone, how they are maintained by the local community, and whether our participants continue to build, teach, and inspire others.

Workshops and Partnerships 

We have led, or co-led with our partners, over 15 courses ranging from 3 days to 6 weeks and have reached over 100 students directly. With a focus of transferring knowledge we know our teachings have indirectly reached hundreds of people in several communities.

Home Improvements

Since we began the Home Improvement Initiative in 2014, we have completed home improvements in eight homes. After our program, community members have gone on to assist each other in completing additional home improvements with the skills they learned in our workshops.


Over the past four seasons we have built six community spaces and two demonstration prototypes for dry compost toilets.  These prototypes are available to communities to use as guidance to be replicated.


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TERRA Team Member Kate Hubbell

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