Our Partners are essential to us. We choose them based on an aligned mission and their ability to assess and identify the needs of their local communities where we can share our programming.  

GRupo Fenix

Grupo Fenix is a small, Nicaragua-based nonprofit association located in Totogalpa, Madriz. Through a consortium of community groups, they generate employment and promote sustainable livelihoods by installing photovoltaic systems, improved firewood stoves, solar cookers, and composting latrines, as well as maintaining an eco-agriculture farm and small restaurant. The staff, steering committee, and associated groups are comprised of locals from the community of Sabana Grande. Liz led the first community builds workshop in Sabana Grande in 2012, and now they generate income by offering their own natural building courses for visiting student groups. 

Natural earth building has been a very dynamic addition to Grupo Fenix’s accompaniment of the communities in Totogalpa on their road to sustainable development. Liz’s broad solid practical knowledge, her genuine connection with the local population and her insistence in quality as we built three new public buildings and made vital repairs in several dwellings has had a tremendous empowering effect on the community. Now we serve as a model to inspire other communities.
— Susan Kinne, Founder

Asociacion de mujeres constructoras de condega (AMCC)

AMCC is a non–profit organization founded in 1988 whose main purpose is to promote economic, political and ideological empowerment processes to create basic conditions for young and adult women from Northern Nicaragua to exercise their full citizenship. With the aim of breaking traditional roles of the patriarchal Nicaraguan society, AMCC develops three different programs:

  1. Technical Training School for Women, through the promotion of non-traditional technical trades for women.

  1. Awareness Raising, so that women in Nicaragua may exercise their citizenship.

  1. Sustainability and Capacity Building.

Liz supports AMCC in bringing her natural building expertise to our technical school and particularly to our natural building courses, teaching workshops in earthen building and natural plasters and contributing to the promotion of quality natural building in the region.